Blank Page after Ticket Post Reply

2 years 6 months ago #4658 by Victor Schultz
I have found a bug. My ticket system will not load the results page after clicking "Post Reply".
I have tracked down the plugin that is breaking it. amr users
Unfortunately I need to keep this plugin as it is a member site and personalized. If I disable the amr users...the tickets will show the update, if I enable it, the blank page will display. The results "are" recorded, but I have to hit back on my browser...reload the tickets and then click on the ticket to see it. I assume members are seeing blank pages as well when they submit a ticket.

Any Ideas what will fix it?
2 years 3 months ago #4705 by Jonathan Ingram
Does anyone moderate this forum? All I see is bugs, the same bugs I have, with no solutions?????
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