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Unable to assign a users to company

5 years 7 months ago #5993 by abdul

I understand that a company can have only 1 owner but I need to add other 8 of my marketing team and sales teams members as employee (not as employer), so that they can access the jobs listing and are able to post new jobs listing themselves if needed.

My company is a recruiting firm and I need all my marketing team to have access to jobs I have posted. How do I achieve it if they are not able to search the jobs I have created as owner/admin? what is the workaround for my marketing team to have access to job listings I have created in my company? Also, if my sales team get a new job requirement from one of our clients, how will they be able to create a new job listing under my company's name? I have a sales team of 4 people and a marketing team of 6 people, I want them to be able to search jobs posted for my company and able to post new jobs for my company. I can't share admin or my credentials with them. Please help me with this. its a blocker at my end. My sales and marketing team are just sitting as they do not have access to post jobs listing and check it.
5 years 7 months ago #5994 by mohsin
There is one option to assign Admin privileges by using Joomla ACL.
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