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Drop-down box (Resume) is not working

8 years 7 months ago - 8 years 7 months ago #4111 by Fred O.

I wanted to create a user field for the Resume in the backend. The entries are not saved.
Maybe someone how I can solve the problem knows?
Checkbox is also not working!
Many many thanks.

8 years 4 months ago #4308 by denis
I have exactly the same problem.

in front on the edition "index.php?option=com_jsjobs&c=job&view=job&layout=formjob&bd=" the code is:
<select id="userfields_2" name="userfields_2">
<option value="23"> </option>
<option value="24"> </option>
<option value="25"> </option>
<option value="26"> </option>
<option value="27"> </option>
<option selected="yes" value="28"> </option>

instead of :
<select id="userfields_2" name="userfields_2">
<option value="23"> value1</option>
<option value="24"> value2</option>
<option value="25"> value3</option>
<option value="26"> value4</option>
<option value="27"> value5</option>
<option selected="yes" value="28"> </option>

it lacks the display of the value, because if you selected one of the invisible lines the title is displayed in the job

I'm in the testing phase of your excellent js jobs, french user.
8 years 4 months ago #4309 by denis
on this file : components/com_jsjobs/views/job/tmpl/formjob.php

this line is not good (1142) :
$htm .= '<option value="' . $opt->id . '">' . $opt->js_job_form_field_title . ' </option>';
8 years 4 months ago #4310 by denis
there are more people here?
8 years 4 months ago - 8 years 4 months ago #4311 by denis
after searching half a day I found the solution by looking in phpmyadmin
the solution :

in flle : components/com_jsjobs/views/job/tmpl/formjob.php

on line 1140 :

change :
$htm .= '<option value="' . $opt->id . '" selected="yes">' . $opt->js_job_form_field_title  . ' </option>';

$htm .= '<option value="' . $opt->id . '" selected="yes">' . $opt->fieldtitle  . ' </option>';

in line 1142 change :
$htm .= '<option value="' . $opt->id . '">' . $opt->js_job_form_field_title . ' </option>';

$htm .= '<option value="' . $opt->id . '">' . $opt->fieldtitle . ' </option>';

This solution must be the same for other types of fields that do not work.

for exemple :
to display the value of the field "value" is : $opt->fieldvalue
to display the value of the field "title" is : $opt->fieldtitle

for french user :

les champs en menu déroulants de js_jobs ne fonctionne pas, pour résoudre le problème :
il suffit de changer la valeur de la ligne 1142 du fichier :

il faudra probalement en changer d'autres pour les boutons radios etc...

thank-you for your good component.

For information :
I adapted it for sports activities to search for sports teams register and posting ads sports register and post their ability to get everyone connected.
7 years 6 months ago - 7 years 6 months ago #4675 by tainki21
I have the same problem, but my formjob.php is totally different.

the start is:

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