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Alert and/ or disclaimer

8 years 1 month ago #4367 by Arne Peters
Since there are ways to use js jobs in a fashion, which at least in my country (germany) could lead to law suits, it would be adviceable to have an alert option and/ or disclaimer plugin. This alert/ disclaimer would warn the admin and / or the frontend users about possible legal ramifications everytime they use relevant functions within js jobs (as for example posting a job, searching resumes, etc.).

For example searching by gender and/ or sex and/ or ethnicity is illegal in my country. So I am going to disable this as much as possible, but as of date I am not sure wether this is entirely possible within the set of features of js jobs.

It would be nice, if there were an alert to the user everytime he/ she tries to post a job. This alert would need to be agreed to on a mandatory basis, declaring all laws are obeyed (by the knowledge of the users). In my country this would especially be the AGG - since this is a derivative of european law, I assume every eu member state has something similiar !

Also I am not sure if every admin-user is aware of this ... js jobs in it´s state after download is a law suit waiting to happen ! There should be several warnings and disclaimers .
8 years 1 month ago #4368 by Ahmad
Replied by Ahmad on topic Alert and/ or disclaimer

Admin can easily disable gender field.

Disable in job form
Admin > JS Jobs > Jobs > Fields and unpublished gender field.

Disable in resume form
Admin > JS Jobs > Resume > Fields and unpublished gender field.

Disable in job search
Admin > JS Jobs > Configurations > Job Seeker > Job Search Options and set hide to gender field.

Disable in resume search
Admin > JS Jobs > Configurations > Employer > List Resume and set hide to gender field.


Find and delete it.
<div class="field">
                                <span class="jsjobs_appliedresume_tab_search_data_title">
                                    <?php echo JText::_('Gender') . ":"; ?>
                                <span class="jsjobs_appliedresume_tab_search_data_value">
                                    <?php echo $this->searchoptions['gender']; ?>


Find and delete
<span class="jobs_search_fields"><?php echo $this->searchoptions['gender']; ?></span>

<div class="js-col-xs-12 js-col-md-6 js-field color-font"><span class="js-bold color-default"><?php echo JText::_('Gender'); ?></span>:&nbsp;<?php if($row->gender == 1) echo JText::_('Male'); else echo JText::_('Female'); ?></div>

Please write your valuable review JS Jobs and JS Support Ticket at JED.
8 years 1 month ago #4370 by Arne Peters

thanks for all the suggestion. I will give them a try over the weekend. :)

Arne H. Peters
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