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Question regarding ACLs

8 years 2 months ago #4212 by Tim Stöhr
Hey guys,

I need the following: Job Portal for Job seekers needs to accessible without the USER REGISTRATION by JS Jobs.

I will restrict the access to the different menus myself using Joomla ACL.

Is that possible?
8 years 2 months ago #4233 by Ahmad
Replied by Ahmad on topic Question regarding ACLs

JS Jobs will auto assign Joomla role to new user.
You can check
Admin > JS Jobs > Configurations > General
> Employer Joomla role
> Job seeker Joomla role

Please write your valuable review JS Jobs and JS Support Ticket at JED.
8 years 2 months ago #4247 by Tim Stöhr
Replied by Tim Stöhr on topic Question regarding ACLs
that would not solve it since the Joomla roles are payable subscriptions. Best would be to get rid of the JS Jobs role search in general. Is it possible to turn off the role registration of JS Jobs? I would then separate employers from Job seekers by using the ACLs (ie those not in the Employer ACL cannot see the Employer part. If they buy themselves the subscription, then they get promoted and can see the employer part.

Would that be possible?
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