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Confusing Options

7 years 8 months ago #4530 by Tim Johns
Confusing Options was created by Tim Johns
The first thing that doesn't make sense is that you have a single list of categories. And you're forced to choose a category for the company. I understand having categories for jobs. But, let's use this for an example. The employment directory is for IT professionals. A mom&pop store wants to post a job for someone to take care of making their store digital (e-commerce). So, with a list of IT categories, what is the company's category going to be???

Here's another example. Let's say it's for the airline industry. United Airlines needs a shop foreman. The category for the job might be 'maintenance'. But the company is an airline, which wouldn't fit into any job category. If you have to select a category for the company and also for the job, they should be a completely different set of categories. I don't see how this system would work in that aspect.

My other issue is that you would go to jail in the U.S. for mentioning 'age' or 'gender'. Apparently, it's fine in Pakistan to deny someone a job because they black or orange or whatever... but that's not the case for most of the world (I hope!). It's highly illegal to discriminate in the U.S. on basis of those things. Even if I click to hide them everywhere I've found (for members, for guests, and unpublished in the settings), I'm still seeing instances of it. When creating a new job, I see "Applied resume will be filterd on given criteria". And it lists 'gender'. And I haven't gotten far enough to tell if it's used elsewhere either.

Actually, at least it has a unique class so I can just put this in my style sheet to get rid of it there:
span.jsjobs-checkbox-gender {
display: none !important;
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