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Registration form error

7 years 6 months ago #4585 by Michal Dymitr

I am using js jobs pro. I have enabled registration and the URL for the registration is


if used enters wrong values for registration ir redirects to other registration form (different component !!! joomla native)


how can I fix it ?

7 years 5 months ago #4603 by Bert
Replied by Bert on topic Registration form error
I had the same, install a redirect plugin plg_system_core_login_redirect_j34-1.9.0
after this people can not go to the joomla registration. You make a hidden menu (not vissiblle in menu, but in a different menu you will not place on site.
That menu js jobs registration "both"as selection.

Than vissible on the mainmenu registration job seeker, and one registration company.
I have put those in de helix menu, next to login dropdown, looks great.
than if they click on the registration link in login module, they also go to js jobs registration and can make there the selection jobseeker / company

just tell me if you dont understand ok
7 years 5 months ago #4605 by Ahmad
Replied by Ahmad on topic Registration form error

If you use other plugin for register and it have required fields. It will break register process and redirect to it own register form or joomla default register form.
Please disable other register plugins.

Please write your valuable review JS Jobs and JS Support Ticket at JED.
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7 years 5 months ago #4610 by Bert
Replied by Bert on topic Registration form error
are you sure?
/index.php/component/users/?view=registration is possible, not if i redirect that link to the registration of js jobs.
than if you not use there in joomla config the anti spam bot, that /index.php/component/users/?view=registration wil give it without

I did try a lot to not get the wrong registration page at /index.php/component/users/?view=registration
k2 complete deleted, etc

at you demo it seems to be off
have a look at: demo.joomsky.com/js-jobs/jm/free/index.p...s/?view=registration
it goes to demo.joomsky.com/js-jobs/jm/free/index.p...nt/users/?view=login
Like also a redirect or hack

Is that because some plugins are switch of?
7 years 5 months ago #4620 by Michal Dymitr
I did that and didn't help. I have installe Joomla Core Redirect plugin to sort it out.
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